Who is GWUUCM?
Greater Worcester Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministries is an outreach community ministry project.

Who is in charge of GWUUCM?
Created by Rev. Cheryl Leshay in 2004, GWUUCM is a community-based ministry. With the assistance of the GWUUCM steering committee and the generous support of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, Rev. Cheryl Leshay is currently GWUUCM’s only employee. The steering committee is comprised of volunteers from Worcester Area UU congregations. The committee’s members are faculty, staff, parents of students, and students of area campuses.

What does GWUUCM do?

  • We help students organize, promote and maintain a liberal religious voice where they are through UU clubs.
  • We help students open doors within their administrations, find local academic advisors and train student leadership.
  • We supply educational resources, start-up support, on-campus worship and pastoral counseling.
  • We encourage connection to area UU events through our e-newsletter and website.

Who does GWUUCM serve?
Our congregation is the UU students, staff, and faculty on area campuses. Each campus has their own independent campus community. Each campus group has its own personality and runs its own programming. We serve as continuity, resource, and support for these groups.

Will GWUUCM help existing student-run campus UU groups?
Our primary mission is to support, promote, and facilitate viable, sustainable, and vibrant campus-based UU communities on Greater Worcester area campuses. Because there were no such group meetings when we began, our focus has been to establish new groups, but we are also happy to provide local support to exiting student-run groups who to not yet have an anchor congregation to fulfill that role.

Does GWUUCM just come in and run a campus group?
No. We are supporting student-run groups. We will help students in whatever way we can to help them succeed in creating and running their own on-campus UU community. We also have our minister, who is available to them in a professional capacity as resource, pastoral counselor, and advocate.

Will Organizing a campus group near our congregation bring students into our congregations on Sunday mornings?
Maybe. The point of campus ministry is to be on campus. We reach out to the students who want an on-campus community. Sometimes students also want to go to church on Sunday. We try to keep students informed about what is happening in all the area churches and will work to coordinate rides when possible.

To whom is GWUUCM accountable?
GWUUCM is accountable to the students and sponsoring congregations through the steering committee.

How can I get GWUUCM’s help for my campus?
Ask. Contact us through the form on this website or our Facebook page.

How is GWUUCM funded?

  • Pledges from local congregations
  • Pledges from UU alums
  • Pledges from sending congregations (a student’s home congregation)
  • Donations from individuals
  • Parents
  • The students